Students are selected for the Cap & Gown Initiative via an application process. Interested students may fill out an interest form on our website with basic information and a description of their situation. The founding team analyzes these students and prospective students are selected based on legitimacy, desire, and need. FASFA information is then requested from prospective students to confirm their need of the Cap and Gown Initiative’s support. The next step is to work closely with the students to learn more about their educational and career aspirations. Finally, we confirm the student as the “Student of the Week."


From the donation side, individual sponsors are able to view the "Student of the Week" and decide if they would like to donate, however little or much, toward the student's financial goal. All money transactions will be completed through Paypal to ensure safety and legitimacy and will be given via Cashier's Check directly to the Financial Aid office of the desired university.


Once the week is over, all the funds of the student are collected and given to the University on behalf of the student. Then, the next week starts with another “Student of the Week,” and the cycle repeats!