The Cap & Gown Initiative is a startup non-profit that aims to assist graduating high school seniors and minority students in need in Southern Arizona to afford tuition at the University of Arizona or other in-state universities.


To do this, we've created an online platform where every week we shine a spotlight on a student, highlighting their aspirations and what our platform can provide to them. We will then share this profile with the public and crowdsource the funds from philanthropic individuals across the United States.


Through this personalized channel of donation and tuition raising, we at the Cap & Gown Initiative hope to give a new student each week the opportunity of achieving higher education.

We're currently working with our first student of the week, Angel, who we'll be assisting in May 2020. You can learn more about Angel and the Cap & Gown Initiative through this video:



Thank you for your interest in our venture. If you'd like to support or join our platform, please use the buttons below to fill out the form that makes sense for you and we'll stay in touch!